Thursday, 21 June 2012


 It's OFFICIAL - Kim's a COCKsucker!!!

Who's surprised and who gives a toss (it's in the vid). Now this is NOT a porn blog but i could'nt let this one go so as has already been stated......If You Are Easily Offended blah blah blah.............

I don't know how 'old' this news is but as i don't "Keep up with the fucking Kardashians" or their sex-romps i would'nt know.

There's a 'sleb' vid 'doing the rounds' showing Kim and an 'ex' (R+B Black rapper Ray J). Kim's filmed tokin' on the big 'un whilst Ray J's recording it for posterity. Nice camera-work Ray, not much shake considering who's draining the life forces outta ya!

Pardon me, i live in England, who the fucks' RayJ?

It's refreshing to see the talentless Armenian slag actually doing something useful with that big gob of hers for a change.

Whether the vid was 'stolen', sold on by a resentful 'ex' or put out as PR to keep the family name in the headlines is open to conjecture?

Above - Kim, breaking the cardinal 'sleb' rule - don't let the motherfucker film you having a shag, especially a Black rapper, as they do tend to have 'Baby Mammas' awl ova da place and if you think they are going to be faithful because of yo slebbity statuss then yoo iz rong Missy Poontang! 

Above is the link to the 'offending' vid beware it's 5 mins long, so have plenty of Kleenex handy - you have been warned!

Of course we could all be the victims of a cruel hoax in that Kim is just indulging us in her fantasies of having tens of thousands of blokes watching her giving head and getting butt fucked 'like the Greeks do' just for her gratification and not for her hordes of sycophant male admirers/followers to crank one off.

They even appeared as a cameo on  BBC's Springwatch, Ray as a male Reed Warbler and Kim as a Cuckoo.

Below - "Give it to me, Ray'.

She would just be following in the great tradition of a number of other 'airhead' slebbities who have indulged in 'extra-curricular' actvities.

Kim's 'friend' and fellow airhead, wannabee self-filming millionairess cock-sucker Paris Hilton kick-started the hole thing off when she was filmed drunk and pooped up in a Blair-Witch style video spunk-guzzling like it was an Olympic discipline 'just like the Greeks do'.

BTW i think this is a reference to the practice amongst mature Athenian males to indulge in the practice, considered 'normal' at the time, of shagging young boys, anally, from behind.

'Greek Love' - Pedastery, as practiced by young males.

Above - Byron in 'Greek Style' dress, literally, and Greek soldiers in 'traditional' costume - Shoot You Sir?

Of course there is always 'Platonic Love', i.e without sex, not gender specific and usually about a year or so after most peoples' honeymoons!

Above - Plato (to his students), 'keep away from the chocolate starfish boys, makes your knob stink'............Wise words from a wise man. No Greek philosopher ever died from AIDS.

Kimmy might be the latest but she was'nt the first, back in 2007 bimbo heiress Paris Hilton started the trend, the trend being for vacuous, untalented wannabees (not all of them starting with millions of dollars) to allow themselves to be filmed sucking and fucking by potential gold-digging boyfriends. Trailer-Trash one and all.

Above - one of these has an IQ of 140 and is a true celebrity and the other is Paris Hilton.

Above - Paris in scary 'Blair Witch' mode, perhaps there was a power cut and she picked up a 'Glo-Stick' instead of a dildo.

Below - that's better, normal service has been resumed.

Above - Doggy-Style.

Then there was Britney.......

"Give it to me baby, one more time"

Below - Britney, 'speared'.

Then, of course, there was Pam and Tommy........nice glasses! We know who you are....

Above - 'don't call me Babe' - we wo'nt Pam, the usual slag will suffice!

Above - Pam, on 'set' with the mobile bulk steroid container that is 'Hulk Hogan' - one has a cunt and the other is a cunt - you the jury decide........

Meanwhile, back to Kim and her Armenian roots - the vid has'nt gone down well even though it showed her going down very well indeed.

Above - Kims' Auntie Kalash has threated to shoot RayJ's pecker off if he ever turns up in Yerevan.

Below - an artists impression of Kim in 5 years time if she continues giving head to Black rappers.

An old lady, a resident of one of the picturesque mountain villages that abound in Armenia demonstrates the technique of preparing young girls, prior to moving to the USA should they be interested in dating Black rappers. They are told to practice using similar sized and shapes from the local tobacco.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that there is more than one type of BlackCock.

and............there are plenty of well-hung negros to choose from.....


Above - this is a picture of 3 elderly Jewish ladies looking at Kim's video on the Internet and Below is the link to watch them - be sure to click on it, it's hilarious!

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